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Chicago Tattoo Artist

Hello! My name is Modestas Kunce. My company is called Kunce Tattoo. I am a born and bred Lithuanian guy, new to the Chicago area. 

From childhood,  had a passion for art and stood out from my classmates with my abilities to draw and paint. After graduating high school, I found myself completely emerged in art. Engaging in various different art mediums allowed me to explore art history, painting, drawing as well as airbrushing. My skills as an artist did not go unnoticed and I was able to sell original pieces, especially to those who were a fan of my signature classical style. 

After many successful art commissions, I noticed one reoccurring question: 

"Do you do tattoos?

I thought tattooing would be a great way to explore yet another art form and now have over 9 years of experience and countless happy clients. My love for Baroque, Renaissance, 19th Century and Contemporary art forms has allowed me to create truly unique tattoos and has, in turn,  led me to develop a passion and dedication for tattooing. I have spent the last 8 years pouring my soul and love into this art form.

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