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Please fill out the following request form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please describe your tattoo idea in full detail.

  • Upload images that you would like your artist to use for reference.

  • Note that we will not use or accept any images of other tattoos as reference images, our artists will not copy any designs. 

Inquires with no message or photos will not be responded to. Serious inquires only. 


We are truly honored  for every request that is submitted, however, due to the high volume of submissions, not all projects are selected. For any additional questions and pricing info please refer to our:   




By filling out this Booking form, you acknowledge that you have read our FAQ page and studio policies.


*We do not accept any coverup projects. We do not touch up or work on tattoos done from other studios*

*we will not choose an artist for you, please look at our artist's portfolios before submitting an inquiry.*

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