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Where are you located?

1860 S Blue Island Ave Unit 203

Chicago IL, 60608

There is paid parking right in front of our building. You can sometimes find free parking in the neighborhoods but please be advised of zone numbers 

How is pricing structured and how can I get a quote?

The price of a tattoo quoted by the piece, not the hour.  Every tattoo is unique and different and pricing varies upon the size, detail and density of each piece.


ALL tattoos are all CUSTOM quoted. Below is to give a rough idea of pricing:

  • Afrotat, Daisy Chaiin and Ell Shu starting pricing: $100

  • Krysta and Bchan starting price: $300 (small pieces) $800 and up for palm size >

  • Modestas's projects are all custom quoted


Please note the starting prices listed means the artist will not tattoo for less than their starting price NOT that all tattoos cost their starting price.

Each tattoo is

custom quoted.

All tattoos will be quoted with an estimate in the email inquiry communications. While some pieces can be done in one session, larger scale projects require several sessions to be completed.


Note that Kunce Tattoo does not give quotes on Facebook or Instagram. An email consultation with Kunce Tattoo is required prior to any tattoo session in order to get an estimate of the final cost of work.


A non-refundable booking fee/ deposit is required in order to secure your appointment with all Kunce Tattoo artists.

Afrotat, Daisy Chaiin and Ell Shu: $50

Bchan deposit: $100

Modestas's and Krysta's deposit: $150 

*ALL DEPOSITS GO TOWARDS THE FINAL COST OF THE TATTOO* If you choose not to move forward with your tattoo your deposit is forfeited and the artist is compensated for their design efforts and time with the deposit. If you would like to book at a later date, a new deposit is required. 

Why do I have to send a non-refundable booking fee/deposit to get a same day consultation/design and tattoo?

In order to book an appointment at Kunce Tattoo a  non-refundable booking fee/deposit is required. Your booking fee/deposit will go towards the final cost of the tattoo. 

Why is it non-refundable? 

You pay a booking fee/deposit to secure your date. Our artists book out several months in advance. If you take an appointment and do not show up, your booking fee is forfeited and a new booking fee would be required in order to book again. 

The deposit will then go towards the final cost or work.

Can I get a separate Consultation?

Our artists have a specific workflow. They are digital artists and use very new technology. A lot of shops hand draw stencils that can take days or weeks to get a final design with a lot of back and forth between the client and artist. We do everything digitally, cutting out the need for the 'back and forth.' 

At your appointment, we will listen to your ideas, take a photo of the body part you would like tattooed, and build the art in photoshop on your photo. We can digitally adjust your ideas and work with you until the design is something you both love. We will then discuss the quote and begin the tattoo.

Most of our clients have a very specific vision, photo or idea for their tattoo. We can give advice and guidance on a tattoo but it is ultimately up to you to have a vision and idea for what goes onto your body.  If you are still unsure of our successful same day consultation/tattoo sessions,  you are more than welcome to book a separate consultation, for the fee of $500 with Modestas and $200 with all other artists, which will not go towards the final cost of the tattoo like the same day booking fee/deposit will. We DEFINITELY recommend trusting our same day process and knowing what you want before booking an appointment! 

Do you offer color tattoos? 

We are a black, gray and white ink studio. We occasionally offer pops of color, which need to be fully approved before your appointment. We will NOT do solid red ink tattoos. They fade, discolor and fall off more than any other color tattoo and we only want the best for our clients. 


If you do not tell us that you want color in your description on the booking form and we are unaware that you did not want black and gray, you will be turned away at your appointment. 

*The Artists rarely accept any color tattoos*

Our focus is on black and gray pieces, thank you for your understanding. 

How long is a tattoo session?

A tattoo session with Modestas starts at 11am and usually finishes around 3pm to 5pm. Sometimes it's earlier, sometimes it's later. Each session depends on the designs final size, detail and density and the clients pain tolerance.


All other artists are flexible with start times of appointments. 

Each session depends on the designs final size, detail and density and the clients pain tolerance. We cannot give accurate predictions on tattoo session times. 

During this time frame you will be able to take several breaks, meals and additional pauses. Note that our artists do not focus on the quantity of time but rather focuses on the quality of the work produced during that session, which is why we do not charge by the hour. 

Do you tattoo fingers, hands or feet? 

We strongly advise against tattooing these areas. They will be incredibly high maintenance tattoos for life needing constant touch ups. If this is a risk you understand, we are happy to give you the tattoo you desire, but we will not be held responsible when/if it falls off or fades. The first touch up will be free but a fee would be charged if you need constant touch-ups. Which is the case on about 7 out of 10 people. THESE ARE RISKY AREAS! 

Each artist has their own policies on these areas, please view them here: 

How common are touchups?

Touch ups are not very common but can sometimes be necessary, especially with fine line, single needle work. If after healing, you find that your tattoo needs a touch up we will get you in within 6 months of your new tattoo. Anything after this time frame is considered tattoo maitenence and there will be a charge. Please keep this in mind if you are from out of town, if you travel through and cannot make it back for a touch up that is a risk you will personally take as we cannot help if you do not live here. 

Do you accept coverup work?
We do not.
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