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Tattoo Station Set-Up and Breakdown

When setting up a workstation to tattoo, the key focus is keeping everything sterile. Learn the ins and outs of a proper & professional workstation. 


Learn how to protect yourself and your clients from blood-borne pathogens.

Tattoo Machines, Tubes and Needles

All tattoo machines are unique & there are important things to know. Learn what needles to use for specific tattoo techniques and what type of tattoo machine works best for your specific goals. 

Tattoo Design and Intro to Photoshop

Learn how Modestas designs with Photoshop. Learn the basics of the Menu Bar, Options Bar & Tools Panel. 

Stencil Application

Create stencils and learn how to transfer them to skin. 


The fun part! Gain hands on training with a tattoo machine on fake silicone skin. 

After Care

Learn all about the Kunce Tattoo Aftercare directions and how to talk to clients. 

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Workshop Cost: $995

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